Overturn business-as-usual with Non-Statist Thinking: Write In Lindblad For City Council

My name recognition in Los Angeles advantages a write in campaign. Can you help?

It is completely expected of recycled, termed out state legislators to tilt toward their state den of thieves bill writing corporate lobbyists.

Point is we need to elect Jack Lindblad who has renounced all corporate donors. And Jack has built a list of environmental, social, and economic justice achievements benefiting the entire San Fernando valley and beyond.

On Election day, March 3, ask for the list of write-in candidates at your polling place. Write in Lindblad on your ballot!

#UrbanFoodForest #BanGMO #LightRail #PesticideFree #SaveOurNeighborhoods

Click through this link to the link to the contact form to contribute support, both monetary and hours of signature gathering.

Contact form here:
From the City Clerk, here are official Listings showing Lindblad’s Declaration of Filing, Nominating Petition Filing, that with 609 signatures, was short of an expected pass rate of 2 out 3 to yield 500 valid, and due to the current signature gathering drive to yield 500 valid signatures, Lindblad is not yet shown on the List of Write-In Candidates:

TITLE: Declaration of Intention Filing List 11-8-14 FINAL
DATE: 11/08/2014
To view the document online please visit:

TITLE: Nominating Petition Filing List 11-8-14 Evening
DATE: 11/08/2014
To view the document online please visit:

TITLE: 2015 Primary Nominating Election Certified List of Write-In Candidates as of 1/7/15 Evening
DATE: 01/07/2015
To view the document online please visit:

Paying the 300 dollar fee is the only way for my write-in status to be officially conveyed to voters over the remaining 50 days from now to the March 3 primary election and to inform any debate sponsors that my candidacy is certified, in their eye, qualifying me to be included in any debate.

It is important to pay the 300 dollars to deny the termed out legislator occupying the city council seat, an automatic return to another term on March 3 without even so much of a serious challenge. Paying the 300 dollar fee puts forward our campaign as a certified candidacy for inclusion in any debate, and shows constituent voters our write in votes will be counted. A list of the write-in candidates will be at each polling place where the polling worker will show that list to the voter, on voter request with Lindblad listed as a certified write-in candidate.

Consider your contribution the better way to get a wider discussion and airing of all the very critical quality of local food issues, not appropriate development concerns, guaranteed minimum income initiatives, affordable housing, light rail pushback denying the valley’s fair share of transit mobility.

Whether or not enough signatures are gathered to qualify our write in effort, considering the valuable constituent contact that gathering achieves and briefing constituent voters about using the list at the polling place, paying 300 dollars in the event signatures short of 500 are City-validated, means our candidacy has the city required bona fides to acknowledge and count Lindblad write in votes. Either 500 validated registered voter signatures or paying the 300 dollar fee will include Lindblad on the list of write-in candidates at all polling places.

Also, in the campaigns favor, there are already 60 Lindblad yard signs, but the paid-for signs require funds for stickers that say Write In and City Council.


Write-In Jack Lindblad for March 3, 2015 Primary? Analysis: Bid for Los Angeles City Council Second District Seat

North Hollywood, CA (for immediate release) December 24, 2014

Registered Voters from Studio City to North Hollywood, Valley Glen, Valley Village, gerrymandered parts of Sun Valley and Van Nuys, signed nominating petitions for Jack Lindblad’s City Council campaign totaling 609 signatures from November 8 to December 3, over only 25 days, having to yield 500 City Clerk-validated, at an expected pass rate of 82 percent.

Lindblad personally canvassed 3000 folks for valid signers in 25 days in his non-partisan, Independent, not Democrat or Republican duopolist, Green Party registered and endorsed City Council campaign.

Lindblad found his three main issues resounding with District constituent concerns, around a common theme of meeting California’s 2020 Climate mandate (Assembly Bill 32) to reduce greenhouse gases by at least one-third from 1990 levels and a renewable energy, green-driven economy:

1) Developers must be curbed, and under state law, prove 20 year water supply in our permanent drought. Lacking accountability, the state water budget allocates one acre foot for a family of four while Los Angeles City claims aquifer recharge, recycling and conservation puts per capita use at one-half acre foot per year. Opposition is merited, nixing Harvard-Westlake School expansion that proposes a pedestrian bridge over Coldwater Canyon Avenue, over the concerns of neighborhood to maintain quality of life. Organized groups for a Park is desirous rather than a major senior housing development at the present Studio City Weddington Golf and Tennis facility. Transit-oriented districts such as North Hollywood’s Red Line Station would be an appropriate site for mid-rise senior housing.

2) Assembly Bill 2470 countermands and takes precedent over any City resolution to establish for our locally grown food safety by allowing pesticide corporate interests such as Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer, Dow, BASF and Syngenta in cooperation with profiteering Kraft Foods to spray known carcinogens and infectious disease propellants freely as they deem over public and private property. AB 2470 must be rescinded to provide Los Angeles a GMO-free and pesticide-free sanctuary.

3) Campaigning for California Assembly in 2010, Candidate Lindblad polled constituents along Van Nuys Boulevard querying if the old red line returns as Light Rail. To a constituent, the resounding answer was yes. Metro was inspired enough to begin studying, later selecting Van Nuys Boulevard as the corridor and advanced light rail as the mode. Activists have picked up the banner in the fight for the Valley’s fair share of the transit dollar, being light rail on Van Nuys Boulevard, connecting Ventura Boulevard to Van Nuys Amtrak/Metrolink to Sylmar/San Fernando Amtrak/Metrolink and seven historic community centers with transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use development.

Lindblad expended the effort, personally exacting prequalification of 529 signers.

Lindblad details: “Coupled to having a bare knuckles amount of possible valid nominating signatures, was a backer’s decision not to honor their filing fee pledge. With the required $300 filing fee not fulfilled due to a failed pledge, no filing for the ballot occurred. Who lost were all District constituents and those supporting the campaign, never knowing if 609 signatures collected to attain ballot status for the March 3 2015 Primary for City Council District 2 were enough to meet the requirement for 500 being deemed valid. We may have been one signature off or right on the money. But we will never know, given the number of signatures gathered, if we made the March 3, 2015 Primary ballot.  If we had, we would have been one of two challengers to the incumbent. My past campaigns for State office yielded a 2/3 pass rate. Only my gathering, 40 or so signatures, for Green Party County Councilmember yielded an 80 percent pass rate.”

The same drill to gather 300 valid voter signatures for a write-in status looms January 5th. The decision to air, discuss and engage constituents with District issues, and to offer voters an option to write-in himself on the ballot, remains with Mr. Lindblad.

Exploring his possible write-in campaign, Mr Lindblad says: “A serious look at a write-in campaign is warranted, to oust the incumbent, given the opportunity missed to make the ballot. The well-off, comfortable, entertainment industry lawyer incumbent, yet another termed-out state legislator playing musical chairs with electoral office, favors his special interests, while the rest of us are left to die off from corporatist extinction protocol profiteering. The incumbent lawyer plies his lawyering up to for his lucrative livelihood. He talks the talk but does not walk the walk.”

“My experience gives me a different trajectory. Being an architect, planner, community activist delivering environmental justice, taught me to practice risk management and to conserve public funds, not to squander, what lawyering up yields. To represent people, not corporatist interests, we can not find justice with exorbitant lawsuits settling any or all of governmental fraud, killings with impunity, abuse of power, lack of providing integral transport, walkable sidewalks and drivable streets, adequate local water resilience, locally grown food free of pesticides and GMO. That is a criminal betrayal of the public trust and the common good.”

“The political will must recognize the overwhelming scientific consensus tells us our consumption path, business as usual, causes increasingly severe catastrophic extreme climate events reflecting unaffordable social costs and near term mass extinction. Los Angeles deserves not bankrupting mitigation measures, rather adaptation to offer a future borne of sober assessment, game-changing ideas and paradigm change.”

– 30 –

For more information: Jack Lindblad, 818 785-2724

About Candidate Jack Lindblad (with link to bio):
Jack is passionate about Los Angeles and optimistic about restoring the California dream. He has a basic plan for Los Angeles: he will focus on job creation, basic city services and creating a sustainable environment.

Lindblad is an award-winning architect and planner, a long-time community activist – and a man we can trust to work for Second District constituents.

Lindblad will be a disruptive force in City Hall, energetically fighting for his constituents while seeking to shine a light on the backroom deals that help special interests while hurting Angelenos. Jack is a fighter that will not give up, will not be bought and will restore integrity to public service.

Disclaimer: “Paid for by Lindblad For City Council 2015, 8211 Shadyglade Avenue, North Hollywood. Additional information is available at ethics.lacity.org.”