Overturn business-as-usual with Non-Statist Thinking: Write In Lindblad For City Council

My name recognition in Los Angeles advantages a write in campaign. Can you help?

It is completely expected of recycled, termed out state legislators to tilt toward their state den of thieves bill writing corporate lobbyists.

Point is we need to elect Jack Lindblad who has renounced all corporate donors. And Jack has built a list of environmental, social, and economic justice achievements benefiting the entire San Fernando valley and beyond.

On Election day, March 3, ask for the list of write-in candidates at your polling place. Write in Lindblad on your ballot!

#UrbanFoodForest #BanGMO #LightRail #PesticideFree #SaveOurNeighborhoods

Click through this link to the link to the contact form to contribute support, both monetary and hours of signature gathering.

Contact form here:
From the City Clerk, here are official Listings showing Lindblad’s Declaration of Filing, Nominating Petition Filing, that with 609 signatures, was short of an expected pass rate of 2 out 3 to yield 500 valid, and due to the current signature gathering drive to yield 500 valid signatures, Lindblad is not yet shown on the List of Write-In Candidates:

TITLE: Declaration of Intention Filing List 11-8-14 FINAL
DATE: 11/08/2014
To view the document online please visit:

TITLE: Nominating Petition Filing List 11-8-14 Evening
DATE: 11/08/2014
To view the document online please visit:

TITLE: 2015 Primary Nominating Election Certified List of Write-In Candidates as of 1/7/15 Evening
DATE: 01/07/2015
To view the document online please visit:

Paying the 300 dollar fee is the only way for my write-in status to be officially conveyed to voters over the remaining 50 days from now to the March 3 primary election and to inform any debate sponsors that my candidacy is certified, in their eye, qualifying me to be included in any debate.

It is important to pay the 300 dollars to deny the termed out legislator occupying the city council seat, an automatic return to another term on March 3 without even so much of a serious challenge. Paying the 300 dollar fee puts forward our campaign as a certified candidacy for inclusion in any debate, and shows constituent voters our write in votes will be counted. A list of the write-in candidates will be at each polling place where the polling worker will show that list to the voter, on voter request with Lindblad listed as a certified write-in candidate.

Consider your contribution the better way to get a wider discussion and airing of all the very critical quality of local food issues, not appropriate development concerns, guaranteed minimum income initiatives, affordable housing, light rail pushback denying the valley’s fair share of transit mobility.

Whether or not enough signatures are gathered to qualify our write in effort, considering the valuable constituent contact that gathering achieves and briefing constituent voters about using the list at the polling place, paying 300 dollars in the event signatures short of 500 are City-validated, means our candidacy has the city required bona fides to acknowledge and count Lindblad write in votes. Either 500 validated registered voter signatures or paying the 300 dollar fee will include Lindblad on the list of write-in candidates at all polling places.

Also, in the campaigns favor, there are already 60 Lindblad yard signs, but the paid-for signs require funds for stickers that say Write In and City Council.


Is there a chance mental health spending cutbacks are criminal? My challenge is to those declared candidates for State Senate District 18 to take a psychiatric exam to see if they are sociopath or psychopath.

Your garden variety (with apologies to all real gardens) four striped rethuglican and democrat phenotypes (‘Conservative’ old guard, Libertarian, Rands aka Paul aka Ayn Tea Partists,  Big Money Social Moderates and Neo-liberals) want to shred the social safety net and slash funding revitalizing and rewilding paved-over urban centers toxic watersheds presenting moral hazards from climate stressing. Spending, in the world of neo-liberals, on relocating and resettling climate refugees from the moral hazard presented by Extreme Weather and rising sea levels at coastal regions must stop while welfare is extended corporatist Big Oil, chartered education, Big Pharma, Big Food, GMOs, Nuclear industry and Big Business – especially self-enriching your own business huh? Revitalizing watersheds begins with fully funded Light Rail to lessen the extent of paved-over areas.

Profiteering Extinctionists running for office for their lobbyists to write the Legislation.

How do your ‘favorite’ politicians act? Here are some common traits of psychopaths. Obama DEFINITELY fits –

“No Remorse (low empathy individuals)
(lacks conscience—shows no genuine guilt for their actions)

Invoking Pity in Others to Manipulate and Control
(sob stories of past sexual/other abuse—claims nearly all their ex’s are insane/alcoholics)

Mysterious Pasts/Vague Personal Histories
(life story never seems to make sense—contradictory pasts—missing periods in their lives)

Invented Personas
(an actor who’ll play the role ‘you’ require from them—until they change the performance/role as they learn a new script)”

Putting Politicians and Bankers to ‘The Psychopath Test’