Overturn business-as-usual with Non-Statist Thinking: Write In Lindblad For City Council

My name recognition in Los Angeles advantages a write in campaign. Can you help?

It is completely expected of recycled, termed out state legislators to tilt toward their state den of thieves bill writing corporate lobbyists.

Point is we need to elect Jack Lindblad who has renounced all corporate donors. And Jack has built a list of environmental, social, and economic justice achievements benefiting the entire San Fernando valley and beyond.

On Election day, March 3, ask for the list of write-in candidates at your polling place. Write in Lindblad on your ballot!

#UrbanFoodForest #BanGMO #LightRail #PesticideFree #SaveOurNeighborhoods

Click through this link to the link to the contact form to contribute support, both monetary and hours of signature gathering.

Contact form here:
From the City Clerk, here are official Listings showing Lindblad’s Declaration of Filing, Nominating Petition Filing, that with 609 signatures, was short of an expected pass rate of 2 out 3 to yield 500 valid, and due to the current signature gathering drive to yield 500 valid signatures, Lindblad is not yet shown on the List of Write-In Candidates:

TITLE: Declaration of Intention Filing List 11-8-14 FINAL
DATE: 11/08/2014
To view the document online please visit:

TITLE: Nominating Petition Filing List 11-8-14 Evening
DATE: 11/08/2014
To view the document online please visit:

TITLE: 2015 Primary Nominating Election Certified List of Write-In Candidates as of 1/7/15 Evening
DATE: 01/07/2015
To view the document online please visit:

Paying the 300 dollar fee is the only way for my write-in status to be officially conveyed to voters over the remaining 50 days from now to the March 3 primary election and to inform any debate sponsors that my candidacy is certified, in their eye, qualifying me to be included in any debate.

It is important to pay the 300 dollars to deny the termed out legislator occupying the city council seat, an automatic return to another term on March 3 without even so much of a serious challenge. Paying the 300 dollar fee puts forward our campaign as a certified candidacy for inclusion in any debate, and shows constituent voters our write in votes will be counted. A list of the write-in candidates will be at each polling place where the polling worker will show that list to the voter, on voter request with Lindblad listed as a certified write-in candidate.

Consider your contribution the better way to get a wider discussion and airing of all the very critical quality of local food issues, not appropriate development concerns, guaranteed minimum income initiatives, affordable housing, light rail pushback denying the valley’s fair share of transit mobility.

Whether or not enough signatures are gathered to qualify our write in effort, considering the valuable constituent contact that gathering achieves and briefing constituent voters about using the list at the polling place, paying 300 dollars in the event signatures short of 500 are City-validated, means our candidacy has the city required bona fides to acknowledge and count Lindblad write in votes. Either 500 validated registered voter signatures or paying the 300 dollar fee will include Lindblad on the list of write-in candidates at all polling places.

Also, in the campaigns favor, there are already 60 Lindblad yard signs, but the paid-for signs require funds for stickers that say Write In and City Council.


‪#‎LindbladForCityCouncil‬  ‪#‎500YearsFirstNationsResistance ‬  Fourth of July Message

#DivestOil #100pctRenewableEnergyEconomy #RevokeBigOilCharter
#GeneralStrike #WaterWars #500YearDrought #BayDeltaConservationPlan  #StopTwinTunnels

#Sovereignty was taken from the royalty in the US revolutionary war and given to the People until Corporations became People in the 1886 Southern Pacific RR vs Santa Clara County Supreme Court decision that was deceptively and falsely memorialized as being based on an unapplied argument that corporations are people rather than the property tax assessments were wrongfully made by Santa Clara County. Scotus found California, not the County had the authority to assess property tax. SPRR wound up paying zero.

The Founders Constitution memorialized a revolution against the King’s chartered corporations and rested the King’s sovereign with the People. Well certain people. Lincoln made a politically expedient decision to emancipate the slave class for cannon fodder to win an economic war with King cotton, with moral implications that was not lost with unintentional consequences producing the Womens Suffragette movement, Black, Latino, the Disabled, the First Nations Peoples and Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender liberations or revolutions. Only problem these revolutions were contained within a corporate sphere of control edging out the original Framers revolution against the King by the gilded age transforming the revolution of 1776 liberating a People to liberating Corporations in 1886, the date of the misinterpreted Southern Pacific Railroad vs Santa Clara County Supreme Court of the US decision siding with the Railroad corporation on the basis of a jurisdictional aegis judged to have belonged to California rather than Santa Clara County to assess property taxes on the Railroad fences, though an unapplied argument providing Constitutional rights given to humans. This unapplied argument, set forth by the appellant, Southern Pacific Railroad, was never tapped by the Court in its decision. The unused and misconstrued argument, used over the past 128 years to set unfounded deregulatory precedents, imbued Human rights found in the Constitution, to Corporations, to this time of completely unregulated corrupt, crony capitalism who control every People by writing Legislation determining public policy not based on science or humanity but for Corporate-fueled Republicans and Corporate-fueled Democrats to present a Punch and Judy show to a corporate dumbed down via mainstream media, made sick by Monsanto and made sicker by Militarisation of domestic control (police) and foreign control (policy), and the correctional system. We need a criminal justice system based on restorative justice not punitive justice. We need to put your candidate, a voice of humanity on Los Angeles’ City Council. Jack Lindblad
a shout out to: Carol A. Russell, Miep Rowan O’Brien

First published March 13, 2014 : https://www.facebook.com/walt.stawicki/posts/748470805177622

First published March 12, 2014 : https://www.facebook.com/lindbladforsenate2014/posts/10203653611323148


Major Endorsements Received

Official Campaign Announcement

Jack Lindblad’s long standing community activism delivering environmental justice, his professional standing as an award-winning architect and urban planner along with his educative analysis of causation and effect of our planet’s climatic emergency makes him a valued addition as California State’s next 18th District Senator and he has my endorsement.

• Prof. Dr. Tony Pereira, UCLA ME Ph.D. Fulbright Scholar Unesco Engineering Sustainability Award Recipient The Climate Reality Project, Leader

It is humbling to have the endorsement for our State Senate bid of a leading world expert on our planetary climate emergency.

• Ray Lewis, of the 99% movement. Retired Philadelphia Police Captain.

It is my honor to have Captain Lewis’ endorsement to bring a Voice of Humanity, Empathy and Compassion for the 99 percent of us to the California Senate! Thank you!

• B. Cayenne Bird, Prisoner Rights Activist, Columnist and Publisher

It’s gratifying to receive endorsing support from community activists such as B Cayenne Bird who stand up and take notice of our electoral efforts over the years to bring an Independent voice to California’s Assembly and now for 2014 in California’s 18th State Senate. Bird’s endorsement helped inspire my official announcement!

• Green Party of Los Angeles County Council, affiliated with the Green Party of California

GPLACC (Green Party of Los Angeles County) voted to officially endorse my Campaign.

• It would have been a mutual endorsement by Sierra Club

…if money in politics by corporatists was not the overriding factor. My interviewers revealed that my responses outlining my environmental and social justice accomplishments won one of two categories of their determination. The other category was based on the amount of corporate contributions raised. Hey that’s why I’m running, to stop corporate control over our environment and our lives. Hmm.

• Sandy Stiassni, Orange County Green activist:

“Thank you Jack Lindblad, for your relentless, never-say-die, consecutive runs for Legislative office.”

• Michael Feinstein, former Santa Monica mayor, Green Party co-founder.

Crunch time! Check our expanded web presence! #VolunteersOfAmerica! #GetInvolved walk door-to-door, flyer to #GetOutTheVote

updated May 3, 2014
We added voter database outreach capabilities! Now we are producing targeted precinct walk lists to reach 5000 likely supporters and voters! We are on our path to place ourselves in the top two finishers in the June 3rd Election: Given you possess graphics savvy to bring it off to look professional: Download Flyers, Signs and Maps! Get Out the Vote Door-to-Door Knocks Rack card and Flyering!

We have added a companion site to facilitate precinct walk lists, voter outreach, volunteers signing on and folks making donations:

1) To sign on as a volunteer, you can outline your tasks and get connected with Get Out The Vote updates. Click on the Comments tab and tell us what you will help out with. We are asking for your weekends to go door-to-door to flyer likely supporters and voters. Sign on and Donate at:
Lindblad for Senate 2014 – Donate – Get Involved

2) For shopping in a relocalized economy, your merchant will send 6% of your purchase to our campaign. Click on the Donate button to donate money for printing walk lists, thousands of flyers and hundreds of yard signs! Visit, shop and Donate at:
Lindblad for Senate 2014 – Crowd funding – Donate

We are now assembling a 30 person team to Get Out The Vote GOTV every week-end with door-to-door knocks and handing out campaign literature as the next step in this election cycle. Jack’s opponent Bob Hertzberg has raised $560,000 from his corporate and law enforcement labor union backing. Let’s pour over his list of donors whom we know are the gangster bankster criminals controlling our state government with connections to La Familia Calderon.

We have raised so far, nearing $1800 and about the same amount in donations-in-kind so we need to focus on raising much more in small donations to cover expenses for printing campaign literature handouts, precinct walk lists and county voter lists and organizing a local team in these cities/neighborhoods. Jack will be as strong as his supporters. (You)

Our main resource site where you can always make a donation:
Cambio con Jack Lindblad for Senate 2014  


Key to Adapting to Habitat Mass Extinction is Divesting the Corporation

We observe the actual dimensions of the elite led descent of all of us of Mass Extinction, Collapse, and complete Habitat Annihilation now inexorably in our own feedback loop amplification allows no thing to survive.

We are realizing these factors many argue far later than the promise of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) can right this society of corporate sociopathic predators and dumbed down, made sick and made sucker rest of us.

David Suzuki illustrates the passing of an irreversible tipping point by likening our collapse as a society to logarithmic bacteria growth in a test tube overwhelming beyond a point previously thought possible to contain, stabilize or correct to a Gaia stasis carbon cycle.

My point again is we are compelled to stop corporate control over our lives and our society and replace our business model with cooperative and collective collaboratives. It’s about replacing false hopes pushed by greed, sociopathy, profiteering from corporate socializing losses with empathy, humanity and green values. Then, adaptation to impossibly hard scrabble and selective bioregional revitalization is tops on the to-do list. Vast stretches of most of the middle latitudes are to be like Venus to humanity, completely off limits. Agenda 21 is a human, non-corporate way-finding and we ought not allow that prescription be coopted by the tea party.

Near term revenue from Extinction Protocol profiteers. States to tap corporatist welfare cheats for social and healthcare costs.

Updated. Originally published here October 17, 2013:
Fast-food workers cost taxpayers nearly $7 billion in welfare costs
Short of a lapsed government mechanism used to protect the Common good by revoking charters of bloated, failed mission corporations, using negative financial expenditures can show corporate welfare cheats an exit from the marketplace.

Increasing the minimum wage to a living wage does not cover healthcare costs. Universal Single Payer Quality Affordable Healthcare for All. No one left out, All In! For the toxic GMO, processed salt auto-immune suppression disease, diabetes-causing profiteer McDonalds, their fast-food ilk and 7/11 are!

Big box, Wal-mart, fast food and convenience stores are moral hazards, profiteering by waging class war, privatizing gains while socializing losses. Generations of obese, heart disease and diabetes-prone patrons serve not their communities but serve as poster children for enslaved, dumb-downed, made sick and made sicker tools of an American exceptionalist, capitalist-based Extinction protocol ending life as we know it on this planet.

It’s far greater a chance closing down Wal-mart will help the economy rather than hurting it. All the employees let go would receive seed money to found cooperatives merchandizing products Wal-mart did. But only with healthcare and living wage this time.


Aluminum Chemtrail Blocks light frequency needed for Vitamin D production: chemtrails are just another Extinction protocol

Chronologically, it appears that we helped inspire this:

There’s no corporate welfare dependents here!

Poof! Behold Brown’s Emergency Drought Bill!

Governor Brown combined his shelved water action plan with new relief aid and Senate President pro-Tem Steinberg’s water efficiency legislation to become a rewrapped Emergency Drought Bill yielding support from across the aisle, farming interests and environmental concerns.

Included was permaculture, drip irrigation, phasing out water intensive crops like cotton for hemp, in situ Central Valley brackish water desalination, groundwater cleanup, water conservation, recycling, aquifer replenishment, reservoir storage, storm water capture, rainwater cisterns?

Some, not all of this is in Brown’s package.

Certainly we need to transition from monoculture agriculture to permaculture, from cotton to hemp, now.

No clear purpose has been put forward for any tunneling or burrowing water from upstream to downstream except to curry political favor with Central Valley farmers:

‘Some tunneling may be warranted, but a single, smaller burrowing could be sufficient and certainly would be less controversial.’

‘In the long run, what’s sorely needed in California is a reprioritizing of water use. Currently, agriculture claims 80% of the state’s developed water. And 55% of exported delta water goes to two irrigation districts in the southern San Joaquin Valley.’

Brown makes the sale on water program

“agriculture claiming 80% of state’s developed water” appears to be not accurate and even alarmist:

‘When you account based on net water use—meaning water that is lost to evapotranspiration or salt sinks and not returned to rivers or groundwater for alternative uses—this translates to 62% agricultural, 16% urban and 22% environmental. And some of that environmental water is used to keep water quality high enough for drinking.’

Water—Who uses how much?

Jeffrey Mount, UC Davis Professor of Geology, quoted above seems to be the authoritative breakdown of California water usage, not what Skelton quotes from his article on Brown’s ‘remaking the Water Action Plan as emergency drought legislation.’

It’s unclear whether Skelton got the percent of agriculture water wrong or Brown did. Or if Brown did knowingly or not. We need to determine that.

There are implications whether food production in California will continue on a level to provide for the country let alone California, and at what cost to already cash-starved working class folks.

Brown’s package feeds and houses 15,000 to 20,000 people who will lose their jobs. What happens if state subsidies stop? Will non-profits and individuals maintain civility and provide assistance?

Reported crime in Los Angeles is the lowest since the ’50s in an economic collapse worst than the 30s. Figure. Frugality is not austerity.

Then relocation expenses need to be added too. You cannot rob Peter’s water to slake the thirst of Paul. California is not going to be the same as before the corporatist-enabled 500 year drought. What was is over.

Our Campaign’s railing against Brown’s warmed over twin tunnel proposal helped to scrap it

Permaculture, drip irrigation, phasing out water intensive crops like cotton for hemp, in situ brackish water desalination, groundwater cleanup, aquifer replenishment, reservoir storage, rainwater cisterns…

Some, not all of this is in Brown’s package.




Authoring legislation, CEQA Public Comment led to Community Success Stories

Lindblad 2012-3 accomplishments

Lindblad 2012-3 accomplishments


City of Los Angeles Seal and North Hollywood Northeast Neighborhood Council logo

The test of whether four-in-a-row California Legislative candidate Jack Lindblad will nose out a rethuglican in June 3rd’s top two election to go on to November’s general election against a corrupt, greenwashing, outsourcing dem remains to be borne out. All indicators are this is to happen. There are just three of us on the June 3rd ballot.

Our Legislative Campaign points to community contributions and successes even before winning our 18th State Senate seat:

We celebrate ten years of progress in seeing positive changes to improve the business health with non-GMO branding in Panorama City, the UDAT’s Panorama City Commercial Area Revitalization Concept Plan, the first CDO with Q Conditions encouraging and memorializing business concerns and needs as Planning Code passed by City Council and signed by Mayor Hahn, recognized with awards for creating sustainable communities with developer criteria being transit-­oriented, mixed use and pedestrian­-friendly presaging Transit ­Oriented Development and Transit­Oriented Communities, inspiring the creation of SB 375 to hold developers accountable to meet our AB 32 2020 Climate mandate of 1/3 lowered carbon emissions compared to 1990 levels and a 1/3 renewable energy economy.

It’s my pleasure to report to all of you of my fourth City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council election victory and my first election as councilmember to North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council.

So my ballot designation for the June top two election for California’s 18th Senate district seat is Architect/Neighborhood Councilmember.

We must take immediate steps to adapt to more severe and more frequent Extreme Weather and revitalize assessed regions resilient enough for habitation – to insure a net zero carbon economy, permaculture, lowered water demand. We must relocalize water, energy, food, materials, finance to curb GHG and provide these five securities to survive any number of cataclysmic events. Certainly putting 12.7 miles of Light Rail from Ventura Boulevard to Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink/Amtrak Station linkage addresses local, regional unsustainable congestion and oil dependency.

Greenwashed “business as usual” methods employed by politicos do not lead humanity out of impending collapse

Hope you’ve enjoyed civilized life, folks. Because a new study sponsored by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center says the world’s industrial societies are poised to collapse under the weight of their own unsustainable appetites for resources. There goes the weekend . . . and everything after it for the rest of our lives.

Answering Hertzberg’s elaborate packaging of his personal self-enrichment from his outsourced solar factories as syllogism for running for State Senate: My greenwashing plutocrat opponent fails to get it: His techno-answers of globalization and ‘speed to market’ being key are off the mark. Read below of what is key, from science-based public policy recommendations, not a politico’s sanitizing his entrepreneurial drive. Our renewable energy technology is realizable from off-the-shelf technology. Fact is that Hertzberg’s exorbitant global-trotting footprint he spent building his fortune has nothing to do with being a green-values Legislator.

To stop the corporate greed-based material consumerist consumption spiral in this 6th great Extinction where human society collapses – as represented by the plutocrat Hertzberg, we must opt for your candidate, the voice of humanity for a frugal, resilient, revitalized future. This is up to you folks. You get the governance you deserve. Whether we transform ourselves emerging from the cluster of collapses that this ‘Goliath’ candidate has led us into, is determined by electing myself as your candidate, in this biblical allegory, cast as ‘David.’ Can we do this? We are compelled to, if there exists a snow ball’s chance humanity survives. Otherwise corporate capitalism will have ended life as we knew it. Humanity versus sociopathy. You decide.

Who’s to blame? You. Me. Everyone walking around outside your window. Even the technology we invented to save us from ourselves is contributing to our decline.

Technological change can raise the efficiency of resource use, but it also tends to raise both per capita resource consumption and the scale of resource extraction, so that, absent policy effects, the increases in consumption often compensate for the increased efficiency of resource use.

Is there a way out? Of course. But you’re probably not gonna like it. Dr. Ahmed sums up the researchers’ suggestions:

The two key solutions are to reduce economic inequality so as to ensure fairer distribution of resources, and to dramatically reduce resource consumption by relying on less intensive renewable resources and reducing population growth.

NASA-Backed Study Says Humanity Is Pretty Much Screwed

There are caveats, of course. The study is a simplified model of society, not a perfect simulation, and it isn’t able to make solid predictions of the future. It’s also worth noting that Motesharri does allow for the possibility that “collapse can be avoided” – though he thinks it will be exceptionally difficult.

Civilisation Is Doomed Warns Safa Motesharri’s Nasa-Funded Study