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Replies to this questionnaire for California Green registered candidates in the 2014 election cycle:

These answers are a first cut and will be completed over this term.

1. Which position are you seeking Green Party of Los Angeles County Council (GPLACC) nomination for and why are you running for this position as a Green? My life-long professional career as a published, award-winning Architect and Urban Planner and Community Organizer/Activist has prepared me to represent the East San Fernando Valley people not corporations as State Senator for California’s 18th District.

2. What are your key platform issues? Green Jobs, 100% renewable energy economy, quality of life, education. What are the most important issues facing California? Future of inhabitability poses great uncertainty in current public policy not following the science. Even science’s metrics to predict Extreme Climate Changes now fails. Sustainability of urbanized and agricultural undertakings is in doubt. What solutions do you offer? In addition to stopping the shredding of the social safety net, our Campaign, once elected, will clarify and strengthen with new legislation three existing bills, AB 1818, SB 375, AB 32 Climate Change mandate, revise Proposition 13 to a split roll to hold corporations to pay current market assessment upon any ownership or mission change, repeal SB 211 prohibiting any rail along transit corridor that is not a subway. Relocalized to community-based economics, decentralized Five Securities of Water, Energy, Food production, Material production, Finance: local community banks. Since public policy has not yet integrally ushered in the Green Jobs New Deal from my 2008, 2010, 2012 Assembly Campaigns, this pact with my electorate bears reiterating:
1. Cut military spending at least 90%.
2. Create millions of green Living wage jobs through massive public investment in relocalized renewable energy, mass transit, conservation, food and material production, wildlife corridor and watershed revitalization.
3. Set ambitious, science-based greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, and enact a revenue-neutral carbon tax to meet them. Focus public expenditure on what all plant and animal species are confronting at present and into the interminable future: beyond increasing tipping points of Extreme, Runaway Climate Change Adaptation.
4. Establish universal, quality single-payer “Medicare for all” health care.
5. Fully fund free pre-K through 16 public, lower through higher education.
6. Replace all existing trade agreements with those to improve labor, environmental, consumer, health and safety standards.
7. Decriminalize and regulate marijuana. Treat drug abuse and addiction as a matter of public health, rehabilitation and education rather than a criminal matter.
8. Enact tough limits on credit card interest and lending rates, progressive tax reform and strict financial regulation. Return all illegally seized, bank-held property to their rightful owners. Break up the mega-banks with Local banks that reinvest in the Community.
9. Amend the U.S. Constitution to abolish corporate personhood.
10. Pass sweeping electoral, campaign finance and anti-corruption reforms. Overturn the so-called ‘Top-two’ Proposition 14. Return all lobbyist donations to the public coffers. Campaign reform with public financing by a check off your tax return – necessary for democracy to be resuscitated. Stop the lobbyist third house from owning the legislators and writing the legislation.
11. Institute proportional representation – retire the electoral ‘college’ – Implement Instant runoff voting to ensure grassroots democracy and save taxpayer funds spent on elections.

Read more of my Assembly Campaign policy positions here as they, more than ever, represent the People’s unfinished business.

3. How will your campaign build the Green Party of California? What are your campaign goals? From three consecutive runs for Assembly (2008, 2010, and 2012) finishing with an unprecedented for a smaller party in 2010 at 22%, my Campaign’s 2014 goal to place in the Top Two in June 2014 and advance to and win November’s General Election.

4. What parts of the GPCA platform do you feel most closely aligned with? What parts do you disagree with, if any? Are there parts you would improve upon and how?

5. What in your background qualifies you to be a credible candidate? Past electoral success, ongoing winning on local issues and precipitating action on national/international issues.

My election and public service as Neighborhood Council board member at Panorama City and Arleta NC as a registered Green adds much needed prominence to a future of Green Party in California electoral politics.
23 years of Struggle.
My runs for for public office began under the Peace and Freedom Party banner for Assembly in 1990 and Congress in 1992. My runs for public office as a Green began in 2008, then in 2010 with 22%, then in 2012 after becoming a likely candidate in the General Election was targeted by Alarcon who bought two Republicans to run in a field of six candidates to marginalize my vote. On the heels of that, six weeks later, my runs for two Neighborhood Council seats on TKV as a Green elected me to both, two, Neighborhood Council seats.

Championing local, District-specific issues ongoing and from our previous runs for State Assembly, we have contributed to the success of 1) spurring LADWP to adopt our Campaign’s 2008 initiative to develop local water sustainability and resilience, 2) moving Metro to narrow down transit corridor alternatives to light rail on Van Nuys Boulevard connecting Metro to Metrolink and Amtrak, 3) ensuring quality of life by mitigating truck trips to conveyance  for sediment management, 4) ensuring City Planning include observance of SB 375 and California’s AB 32 Climate Change Mandate in transportation, economic development and housing elements, 5) produced a landmark UDAT effort for Revitalizing Panorama City’s Commercial Area that led to holding developers to observe California’s AB 32 Climate Change Mandate by helping create three development criteria: transit-friendly, mixed use and pedestrian oriented to stop unsustainable speculative development, 6) kickstarting local community garden groups… What assets would you bring to your campaign, in addition to those already existing within the Green Party? Key individual, non-corporate community activist donors.

6. What are some of the key organizations and/or constituencies that you plan to outreach to and what is your relationship (if any) to them? Youth, with visits to campuses and small informal discussions. Neighborhood Council and community organization leaders and stakeholders.

7. Have you filed as a campaign committee with the California Fair Political Practices Commission and if so, what is your campaign ID#.  My intention statement and organization filings are due soon. Do you have campaign bank account and treasurer? Open and that’s me. A campaign website?

8. Do believe that an independent party like the Greens can succeed in the US? How would you define such success? How can it happen? Electoral success comes with my Campaign winning this one. Our Campaign will be allied with influential community figures and the growing voices of voters with No Party Preference.

9. The Green Party of California intends to run a unified and coordinated slate of Green candidates for California’s statewide constitutional offices. How will you collaborate with other Greens running for other statewide office, including on issues, messaging and organizing? Where a common bridge across local needs to state-wide concerns, issues can be shared in mixed media: social and leafleting on a slate promoting the Hemp initiative among others.  GOTV, though, is District-specific.

10. Why are you a Green? Other Parties are corporatist, our Green Party reflects my life-long pre-formed values.

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