Cambio con Jack!

Here is a jpg of the front and back of the 5000 run of 100# card stock rack card for distribution. Call me at 818 785-2724 to make arrangements to pick up as many as you will hand out.

4x9 Lindblad palmcard back4x9 Lindblad palmcard

Here is the rack card pdf suitable for printing on 100# card stock:
4×9 Lindblad palmcard no lines

¡Bienvenidos! Donar a nuestra Campaña por la vox populi!

Limitar el gobierno? ¿por qué no nos limitamos corporaciones y grupos de interés especial de control de gobierno primero y damos gobierno de nuevo a la Raza?
“Limit the government? why don’t we limit corporations and special interest groups from controlling government first and give government back to the people?”



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