Get Out the Vote!

We are on our path to place ourselves in the top two finishers in the June 3rd Election: Download Flyers, Signs and Maps! Get Out the Vote Door-to-Door Knocks and Flyering!

We have added two companion sites to facilitate precinct walk lists, voter outreach, volunteers signing on and folks making donations:

1) To sign on as a volunteer, you can outline your tasks and get connected with Get Out The Vote updates. We are asking for your weekends to go door-to-door to flyer likely supporters and voters. Sign on and Donate at:
Lindblad for Senate 2014 – Donate – Get Involved

2) For shopping in a relocalized economy, your merchant will send 6% of your purchase to our campaign. Visit, shop and Donate at:
Lindblad for Senate 2014 – Crowd funding – Donate

We are now assembling a 30 person team to Get Out The Vote GOTV every week-end with door-to-door knocks and handing out campaign literature as the next step in this election cycle. Jack’s opponent Bob Hertzberg has raised $560,000 from his corporate and law enforcement labor union backing. Let’s pour over his list of donors whom we know are the gangster bankster criminals controlling our state government with connections to La Familia Calderon.

We have raised so far, nearing $1600 so far so we need to focus on raising much more in small donations to cover  expenses for printing campaign literature handouts, precinct walk lists from nationbuilder and county voter lists and organizing a local team in these cities/neighborhoods. Jack will be as strong as his supporters. (You)

Our main resource site is: Cambio con Jack Lindblad for Senate 2014

Click here for a list of local colleges, neighborhood council and city council meetings. Show up and speak in public comment supporting your candidate of humanity Jack Lindblad. Seek and obtain equal time if Hertzberg or Benitez appears and is given an extended time to speak and field questions. If they get that time, make sure you also field questions. My schedule includes appearing at all 23 neighborhood council meetings. Just show up.

Click on this link to open and view our Senate District 18 map pdf. Then select your browser’s print option to print out map copies of the pdf on your printer or a commercial printer at a copy shop.

To view and print the same District map, you also can click on View Larger Map found below the google map on the page:

Call me, Jack Lindblad, at (818) 785-2724 for details.

Download Campaign 4 up Flyer pdf:

Click on this link to download and view our double-sided 4up flyer letter pdf. Then select your browser’s print option to print out double-sided 4-up flyers copies of the pdf on letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11). This flyer pdf is optimized for color copying. For black and white copies, lighten by 15% and select the “photo”, not the “graphics” option.

Download Campaign Letter-size Poster/Sign:

Click on this link to download and view our Vote Cambio con Jack poster/sign pdf. Then select your browser’s print option to print out single-sided, 8.5 x 11  letter-size color copies of the pdf on heavy bond paper on your printer or a commercial printer at a copy shop.

Recap of Circulating Signature Nominating Petitions in-lieu-of fee:

Jack Lindblad is on the June 3, 2014 ballot for California’s 18th Senate District. Hooray team!

Our Campaign required 3000 valid signatures in-lieu-of a $952.91 filing fee. The initial petition signature gathering period began on December 27, 2013 ending on February 20, 2014. Primarily the candidate, initiating 1000 one-on-one or small group conversations with voters, assisted by various circulators, gained signatures from 960 registered voters by speaking in neighborhood council meeting public comment, at college campuses so-called free speech zones and at farmers markets.  Our team gained an additional 434 signers over the make-up period from February 20 until March 7, replacing any invalid signatures. Our team, larger than our 2012 June top two ballot qualification effort, topped 2012’s election cycle total of 1341 signatures with almost 1400 or 1394!

A total of 1394 signatures on behalf of Jack Lindblad were submitted, meeting the February 20 deadline for signatures in lieu of fee with submitting 960 and the March 7 deadline for makeup signatures, to make valid all 960 signatures.

Our campaign budget after the filing fee is subtracted, is left with only $829.62.

The 954 Registrar-validated signatures in lieu of filing fee reduced the filing fee by $303.02.

We recovered 13 previously invalidated signatures to the valid column and hotly contested an unannounced change in the rules that disallows whited out signature lines costing us 14 valid signatures.

The signature gathering phase of our campaign is now over. The Registrar-Recorder will toss out all those with a wrong address or in the wrong district or wrong name. We know some tossed signatures will be put in the valid column as we fight to see 960 fully validated signatures for our effort. We thank you SO much to all those who actually went out to do this field work with Jack.

The Registrar provided a clarification to Jack’s request to pay for a 20 word candidate statement, responding that no per word pro rata of the 250 word would be allowed. It’s the entire 250 word statement for $7600 or nothing the County Registrar said. Surely this ungrounded exclusion of non-elite, non-corporate, non-law enforcement candidates like Jack is unconstitutional.


2 thoughts on “Get Out the Vote!

  1. Jack, this is exciting news! We must all know people in the San Fernando Valley who care about Liberty and Justice and will help with your campaign! I tried to “like” this page, but got a log-in box that has no instructions on where to register with WordPress.


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