Major Endorsements Received

Official Campaign Announcement

Jack Lindblad’s long standing community activism delivering environmental justice, his professional standing as an award-winning architect and urban planner along with his educative analysis of causation and effect of our planet’s climatic emergency makes him a valued addition as California State’s next 18th District Senator and he has my endorsement.

• Prof. Dr. Tony Pereira, UCLA ME Ph.D.
Fulbright Scholar
Unesco Engineering Sustainability Award Recipient
The Climate Reality Project, Leader

It is humbling to have the endorsement for our State Senate bid of a leading world expert on our planetary climate emergency:

• Ray Lewis, of the 99% movement. Retired Philadelphia Police Captain.

It is my honor to have Captain Lewis’ endorsement to bring a Voice of Humanity, Empathy and Compassion for the 99 percent of us to the California Senate! Thank you!

• B. Cayenne Bird, Prisoner Rights Activist, Columnist and Publisher

It’s gratifying to receive endorsing support from community activists such as B Cayenne Bird who stand up and take notice of our electoral efforts over the years to bring an Independent voice to California’s Assembly and now for 2014 in California’s 18th State Senate. Bird’s endorsement helped inspire my official announcement!

• Green Party of Los Angeles County Council, affiliated with the Green Party of California

GPLACC (Green Party of Los Angeles County) voted to officially endorse my Campaign.

• It would have been a mutual endorsement by Sierra Club

…if money in politics by corporatists was not the overriding factor. My interviewers revealed that my responses outlining my environmental and social justice accomplishments won one of two categories of their determination. The other category was based on the amount of corporate contributions raised. Hey that’s why I’m running, to stop corporate control over our environment and our lives. Hmm.

• Sandy Stiassni, Orange County Green activist:

“Thank you Jack Lindblad, for your relentless, never-say-die, consecutive runs for Legislative office.”

• Michael Feinstein, former Santa Monica mayor, Green Party co-founder.


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