Award-winning Architect, Urban Planner, Community Organizer, Political Economist, North Hollywood Northeast Neighborhood Councilmember, Green Party of Los Angeles County Councilmember, 2014 Green Party Candidate for California Senate, 18th District, Jack Lindblad campaigns on a Green-values platform for a carbon-neutral, relocalized, 100% renewable energy, steady state economy, basing development on bio-regional determinism, by forming public policy on accepted science, not corporate interests.

• Advanced Food security with supporting fresh produce grown in local community gardens and edible forest permaculture in our lower, urbanized Pacoima-Tujunga watershed providing entrepreneurial opportunities for marginalized folks.

• LADWP adopted Tujunga Spreading Ground Sediment management strategies following our submitted Public Comments arguing for mechanical conveyance over 170,000 truck trips to protect quality of life.

• Advanced Big Tujunga and Pacoima Reservoir cleanout strategy of moving sediment upstream to enhance Watershed resource conservation and replenishment rather than degrading quality of life by transporting and deposition of sediment in communities.

• Engaged the public to push for Light Rail mass transit along Van Nuys Boulevard, an initiative picked up by Metro to usher Transit oriented development in historic commercial cores to help meet California’s Climate 2020 Mandate to lower GHG by 1/3 based on 1990 levels and to attain at least 1/3 renewable energy economy.

Green Jobs New Deal – Fully Funded Education for All – Universal Single-Payer Quality Affordable Health Care – Human dignity – Quality of Life – Steady-state economy – 100% Renewable Net-zero energy economy – Live Green Values – Vote Green Party – Stop Nepotic Politics – Save Our Neighborhoods – Relocalize water, energy, food, materials, finance – Local Community Banks – Get The Money Out of Politics – Protect Rights, not Raids – Revitalize Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed – Stop Fracking! – Light Rail on Van Nuys Boulevard – #LivingWage #AffordableHousing #GreenJobs #StopGentrification – #StopCorporateWelfare – A green new deal. Resilient communities, sustainable future. The California Dream for all. Everybody in. Nobody out.

• Three terms elected Los Angeles City Neighborhood Councilmember, Green candidate for California’s Legislature, both Assembly and Senate representing East San Fernando Valley, Jack Lindblad conceptualized, promoted and campaigned on the Green New Deal in his 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 bids for public office.

We accept donations from People, never from Corporations.

The test of whether four-in-a-row California Legislative candidate Jack Lindblad will nose out a republican in June 3rd’s top two election to go on to November’s general election against a corrupt, greenwashing, outsourcing dem remains to be borne out. All indicators are this is to happen. There are just three of us on the June 3rd ballot.

Our Legislative Campaign points to community contributions and successes even before winning our 18th State Senate seat:

We celebrate ten years of progress in seeing positive changes to improve the business health with non-GMO branding in Panorama City, the UDAT’s Panorama City Commercial Area Revitalization Concept Plan, the first CDO with Q Conditions encouraging and memorializing business concerns and needs as Planning Code passed by City Council and signed by Mayor Hahn, recognized with awards for creating sustainable communities with developer criteria being transit-­oriented, mixed use and pedestrian­-friendly presaging Transit ­Oriented Development and Transit­Oriented Communities, inspiring the creation of SB 375 to hold developers accountable to meet our AB 32 2020 Climate mandate of 1/3 lowered carbon emissions compared to 1990 levels and a 1/3 renewable energy economy.

The March 2014 election resulted in my fourth City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council election victory and my first election as councilmember to North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council.

So my ballot designation for the June top two election for California’s 18th Senate district seat is Architect/Neighborhood Councilmember.

  • Occupation: Architect/Urban Planner/Community Organizer/Green Party County Council Member/North Hollywood Northeast Neighborhood Council Boardmember
  • Masters degree in Architecture, Texas A & M University with an Outpatient Healthcare Facility thesis.
  • University of Washington at Seattle, Bachelors degree in Environmental Design and a Yearly Award for High Scholastic Achievement.
  • Pioneered a mix of services as a building type: Diagnostic & Treatment Ambulatory Outpatient Surgical Centers & MRI Facilities. Used day-lighting tech.
  • Member of the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley Livable Communities Council. Coro Neighborhood Leadership Development Program Graduate 2003.
  • Received an American Institute of Architects Innovative Cities Award, AIA President’s Award, AIA Sustainable Communities Award, San Fernando Valley Business Journal Community Award, SFV AIA 2005 Component Excellence Award for the Panorama City Urban Design Team Revitalization Study/Plan.
  • “Conflict Resolution Training-Mending Human Relations” sponsored by L.A. City Human Relations Commission, National Conference for Community and Justice.
  • Who’s Who in America
  • Author of a paper entitled “Tax policy implications for a Sustainable, Green, Steady State Economy for the 21st Century,” published as public comment for the Commission on the 21st Century Economy. Received, read and acknowledged by Governor Schwarzenegger, this article draws together the economic and ecological collapses’ connectedness to urge a steady state economy and tax policy based on relocalization and bio-regional determinism to retire endemic deficit spending and adapt to, mitigate, and restore ecological services from climate change by reducing emissions 70% by 2015 for a less than 2 °C rise from 2000 levels to avoid escalating, horrific effects of deepening social, economic and ecological collapse.

  • Panelist/speaker on climate change and water at USC’s town hall forum, sponsored by Focus the Nation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young people to help accelerate the transition to a cleaner energy economy, co-sponsored with the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine and the USC Levan Institute for Humanities and Ethics.

  • Contributor and Author of three-part Installment Newspaper Article: “Life as we know it will become extinct” promoting revitalization of the Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed published in the July, September and October 2008 editions of North Valley Reporter based in the North East San Fernando Valley.

  • Workshop participant/presenter of Los Angeles Citywide General Plan Framework for the Van Nuys-North Sherman Oaks District.

  • Featured in California Centers Magazine as an advocate for compact shopping and business environs along the 16-mile Ventura Boulevard Corridor.

  • Workshop participant of Paolo Soleri’s energy-efficient, sustainable city (arcology) prototype in Arizona.

  • Co-presenter on “Artist-Owned Live/Work Space as Catalyst for Central Business District Recovery.”

  • Featured speaker representing the advocacy group ‘Fans of the Sepulveda Basin’ at US Army Corps of Engineers Hearings on saving the Sepulveda Dam Basin Wilderness Area in 1992.

  • Featured speaker at Amgen Headquarter on holding Big Tobacco financially accountable for runaway health care costs associated with smoking in 1992.

  • Featured speaker at Los Angeles Valley College’s Earth Day Event in 1991.

  • Organizer, Low-cost Jitney Service for Van Nuys Boulevard tat Ventura Boulevard in 1990.

Apart from seeing significant increases in multiples of votes for my past campaigns for legislative office – which shows a steady rise in name recognition and resonance with constituent concerns and issues, there is a strong desire on my part to reverse trends over the last thirty years where California lost its’ preeminence as a world-class educational system, its’ competitive workforce, jobs and economic base, and Los Angeles has suffered from environmental neglect and an erosion of the quality of life. With my voice of humanity representing ourselves, the 99%, contributing to new, and strengthening existing legislation, California may serve an example to the world, again.

My award-winning sustainable urban design and architecture practice has a healthcare facility emphasis. The Lindblad Campaign drew 22% of the vote for California’s 39th State Assembly District seat in 2010 on the Green ticket, in a back-to-back contests and one-on-one rematch with the incumbent, expanding on the 8.1% of the vote in 2008, among the top showing for alternative parties. Following up 2010, my campaign was set to place in the Top Two June 2012 election. Targeted (business as usual) by a corrupt elected intent on losing in November who bought two Republicans to run and split they did, my vote three ways, my Campaign was denied appearing on the November 2012 ballot. Jobs for everyone who needs one. Restoration of the California Dream for all students. Environmental Justice for all by insuring quality of life.

Once elected to the State Senate, Our staff and my presence in Sacramento will ensure a humanitarian response of Green values to take place, rather than the standard Diocletian, corporate profiteering version creating the problem, providing their reaction, enforcing their ‘solution.’

The present political class of, and generations of corporate-controlled legislators that brought us today’s wide-ranging problem set are not the ones to provide the answers.

We will put in science-based, moral-based, not reactive evidence-based, public policy in the Public Interest for the Common Good, restoring the Commons.

My term in California’s State Senate will advance these moral imperatives in the Legislature to balance the budget, manage multiple collapses, adapting to worsening catastrophes from ecological collapse. A member of Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley Livable Communities Council, my efforts involve: supporting community grassroot causes, forming and serving on neighborhood councils, co-authoring sustainable community plans, stopping gentrification, revitalizing the Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed, assisting in the ‘No on B’ win to provide unfettered solar power to stakeholders. Green New Deal, Jobs, Quality of Life, Fully Funded Public Education – the California Dream for All. Vox Populi is coming to Sacramento! Politics are dominated by greed, corporatism, militarism and the narrow two-party duopoly. This has led humanity to ecological collapse and social and economic inequity. At age 61, my run for our Senate seat focuses on bringing a transition to a relocalized, green-jobs, carbon-neutral, 100% renewable, net-zero-energy, steady-state economy – arising from the financial meltdown and ongoing ‘Great Disruption’ – replacing the failed, fossil fuel, carbon-based, “business-as-usual” growth economy, whether in politics or my architecture practice, to lessen the certainty of looming human extinction.

My philosophy of having a low carbon footprint while making a livelihood means: meeting the climate change challenge for my architecture firm’s projects and for my legislative agenda. The two venues share the same goal: To require all new construction and remodeling to meet ahead of the State of California 2030 target of a graduated reduction of fossil fuel usage to zero by implementing innovative sustainable design and tax strategies, generating on-site renewable power and/or certified renewable energy credits and relocalizing food production, water resources, energy, products, goods and materials, and monetary exchange. The overall objective is for the rate-payer to ‘get off the grid’ and ‘get off oil’ by achieving net-zero-energy performance.

The Architecture-Engineering-Construction energy wedge contributes 40% of greenhouse gases. My decision was to set myself apart from that problem of adding to Extinction by producing buildings for clients, who, defined by the market, are only interested in their profits rather than necessary measures to reduce carbon footprint to zero. We are about creating an enterprising, sustainable, resilient marketplace based on accepted science, not existing self-absorbed interests like developers and the untoward influence they throttle and redirect public policy with.

My Green-values platform bases development not on developers – rather on bio-regional determinism to meet California’s codified goal of reducing global greenhouse gases by one-third based on 1990 levels by 2020. I co-authored nationally-recognized and award-winning Panorama City Commercial Revitalization Study, whose three determinants for development: transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use – linking land use to lowering carbon emissions – were later adopted as Senate Bill 375 that linked land use to global greenhouse gas reduction, passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor to provide mechanisms to meet California’s AB 32 Climate Change Act 2020 requirements. My work helps stop urban sprawl, Kelo-eminent domain, and gentrification, while advancing District-wide multi-modal rapid transit.

I will unify and inclusively bridge across our diverse communities, by not playing favorites, but seeing all boats rise, here, along the western slopes of the San Gabriel mountains – to herald a future expanding the current 100 billion dollar a year eco-tourism industry in California to attain an eco-tourist paradise where our District communities serve as portals to the Angeles Crest National Park and as multi-modal transportation and commercial hubs to active and passive recreation of a rewilded Los Angeles River and its urbanized tributary washes reaching into the upper, forested Tujunga-Pacoima watershed.

“We cannot attain our state-mandated global greenhouse gas reductions if we have self-absorbed politicians facilitating developer interests and allowing lobbyists write and author legislation to make end-arounds of the law for private unjust enrichment. That’s my job as your elected representative. We must stop the lobbyist, their third house control and corruption of the Legislature – if we are to mitigate and adapt to Climate Disruption, and revitalize habitat to survive as a species.”

Public service now pays higher than their private sector equivalents. Not even parity, but higher. Public service was once a calling to those who knew they were providing service to the public and accepted less for the privilege of being incorruptible public servants. Not anymore, that day is long past and the public cannot continue to allow it. Most elected office-holders are devoid of empathy, an essential quality necessary in healthy amounts – if we are to ever regain a rule of law – representing people, not the corporation.

Henry A. Giroux captures my concern to seek public office to replace the corporate-encumbered insider:

  • “The social and economic collapse we are now experiencing was preceded by a moral and political collapse, largely caused by a political class and a formative culture deeply insensitive to its social and ethical responsibilities.”

What has prepared me to be our District’s Independent Senator in the Legislature? Taking no corporate donations nor the beholdence that is part of the bargain, being an effective squeaky wheel in advocacies for health-care patient rights against Big Insurance, advocating for local water reliance, seeing success in the award-winning Panorama City commercial area revitalization plan not only for Panorama City serving up three criteria for sustainable development: transit-oriented, mixed-use and pedestrian-oriented- forming SB 375 – to meet California’s Climate Change 2020 mandate, AB 32, to reduce carbon emissions to 1990 levels and achieve at least 1/3 renewable energy economy, experience of meeting project budgets and payroll as a small business, seeing Light Rail along Van Nuys Boulevard, seeing improvements in the quality life for stakeholders in the East San Fernando Valley as Arleta and Panorama City Neighborhood Council Board member and as Community Improvement Committee Chair.

My work helps stop urban sprawl, Kelo-eminent domain, the Ellis Act and gentrification, while advancing District-wide multimodal rapid transit.

Sizable inroads in coalition politics promise to be realized by the Lindblad Campaign in racking up more the sum of the voter totals of the smaller parties, building on the 8.06% earned in our 2008 campaign, representing 1600% of the Green Party registered base, ranking at the top of the results of other contests where Greens ran. Reaching across partisan lines augers well for the potential of electability to the State Senate and Independent thinking with bridge-building resulting once in office. By learning from what worked in our 2012, 2010 and 2008 efforts, my Campaign is organizing an effort commensurate to win in 2014! Issues that my Campaign articulates will form the legislative agenda: locally-based, time-tested in 2012, 2010 and 2008 efforts, and relevant to 18th District constituents: Social justice issues are inextricably tied to environmental justice and must be part of the environmental agenda. Once elected and seated, Lindblad will support and advance legislation addressing these concerns:

  • one: 500-year Drought. Water Security. Relocalize water by Bio-regional, watershed-based groundwater remediation, replenishment, conservation, rewilding.  Fully fund (participating with Super Fund cleanup funding) our 96 District-wide contaminated ground water well cleanup projects. To move forward on creating a 100% renewable energy, net zero energy economy. To show the comprehensive, endless list of externalized losses that corporations profiteer from by passing along to the public to pay for as environmental destruction, in lowered quality of life, illness, and shortened life spans – together resulting in economic depression, loss of productivity and loss of jobs.

    “We are kept from understanding the consequences of the corporate grip over our lives externalizing its losses for the public to pay for, in lowered quality of life, illness, and shortened life spans. Governmental lack of transparency is complicitous.

    For California to continue to be populated without causing millions of us to relocate, quite yet:

    An immediate ban must be placed on all existing and potential fracking to save up to 200 billion gallons of potable water. Lowered infrastructure costs of water treatment facilities from significant increases of pervious paving coupled to oil-burning vehicles being phased out, to replenish large increases of groundwater recharge areas via traffic arterial median bioswales, accelerated light rail development connecting all urban centers, high traffic arterials and freeways. Work to home commutes must be diminished with incentivizing live-work communities of mixed use adaptive reuse development.

    Get yourself off the grid by all means possible.

    Xeriscape your lawn with the Public Utility’s buy-your-lawn program, don’t wash anything unnecessarily including cars and recyclables. Turn off the water tap when you are not using it. Collect grey water from the kitchen sink to water plantings. Put a bucket in the shower to collect water while you’re waiting for it to warm up. Cultivate fruit and vegetable gardens in resident and community yards and on roof tops. Install underground cisterns for rainwater capture. Install composting toilets. Install solar panels to generate on-site electricity. Insulate buildings to cut heating and cooling energy consumption by 90%.” How Will California’s Agriculture and Urban Centers Survive Ever-Worsening 500-Year Drought?

    More frequent and more severe Extreme Weather from today’s Extinction Level runaway greenhouse gas emissions escalating unchecked temperature rise from positive feedback amplification loops will not stop for hundreds of years even if carbon emissions were dropped to zero immediately. Yet divestiture from burning million year old garbage and abiotic oil is immediately required to give the slimmest chance humanity survives as a species.

    ‘Christiana Figueres says big institutional investors should triple the money they’re putting into clean energy.’ U.N. climate chief calls for fossil-fuel divestment

    “Relocalizing electrical energy by expanding solar installations on individual dwellings and businesses with incentives – will see small businesses grow and lower the huge state energy bill consumed only to transport resources.”

  • two: Local Food Security. Cultivate fruit and vegetable gardens in resident and community yards and on roof tops. Create urban edible forests with permaculture.

“Relocalized food production will add to community-based economics from local fruit and produce gardens. Better food security and healthy food will result in lower healthcare costs from lower incidence of cancer and chronic disease.”

  • three: HSR (High Speed Rail) and local Light Rail Development. HSR and urban-centered rail are essential if California is to meet AB32’s 2020 mandate. Mass transit! New bus lines and light rail along Van Nuys Boulevard connecting intermodal transportation hubs from Ventura Boulevard to Metro’s Orange Line to Van Nuys and San Fernando Sylmar Amtrak/Metrolink stations. Social Justice! Decentralization! Future Focus/Sustainability!
  • four: California’s prison system is unaffordable. Costs of adult incarceration are 6 times, and for juveniles, 35 times the cost of a state university education. Warehousing prisoners is a denial of human rights. Recent and forthcoming court decisions to reform and alleviate crowding, correctional officer abuse, incompetence, neglect, code of silence, unconstitutional sentencing laws must be adhered to. Powerful, bullying organizations of the prison industrial complex controlling legislators from speaking out and legislating reform must cease. We must get the money out of politics. A restorative justice system will mend the society fabric compared to the broken punishment-based system. Norway and Sweden’s correctional systems work and are cost-effective. By reversing a long term trend of spending on prisons over education.We need a criminal justice system based on restorative justice not punitive justice. My candidacy is the voice of humanity in the Legislature to: 1) Overturn the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights and the Blue Code of Silence, 2) Enact Citizen Ombudsmen Boards with decision-making oversight over all law enforcement agencies, 3) Ensure law enforcement officers are prosecuted to the law’s maximum extent, 4) De-militarize police forces. How should we address prison overcrowding? Release all non-violent ‘drug offenders’. Rehabilitation, decriminalization of mental illness, mainstreaming, restoration of safety net, education, restorative justice not punishment-based.
  • five: Save our Neighborhoods! – By lessening the most catastrophic effects of global warming, promote a healthy environment, see a transition to a relocalized, green-collar, steady-state economy, promote sustainable living, implement Greenways per Los Angeles 1968 Citywide Plan, Los Angeles River rewilding and cessation of neighborhood sold off to speculators for protecting neighborhood integrity – basing development on bio-regional determinism, not developers, by decentralizing and relocalizing water resources, energy, material goods and food production: Lower impact development with restoration of the Pacoima-Tujunga watershed – with more parks – with hiking,biking, and horse trails along the Los Angeles River washes. Social Justice! Ecological wisdom!
  • six: Ensure Health care is a Right, not a privilege! – By guaranteeing quality universal single payer healthcare for all that will save 30% over the current privatized model. Social Justice!
  • seven: Stop Nepotic, Payola Politics! Stop allowing entrenched electeds ruining government by running government like their for-profit business. By banning all corporatist lobbying and campaign spending with full implementation of public financing of elections and formation of a District-wide Legislative council. Grassroots Democracy!
  • eight: Protect Rights – not Raids! – By asserting Human Dignity, building community and fair Immigration rights by immediately ending immigration raids and deportation. By reversing a long term trend of spending on prisons over education. by early childhood care, education, mentoring and sports to prevent gang violence. The California Dream for all. Everybody in. Nobody out. Accomplished with continuing funding for all students, regardless of their immigration status. Educate – not Incarcerate! Social Justice! Non-violence! Respect for Diversity!
  • nine: California’s excellence in Education can be restored with fully funded Public Education: Free Pre-kindergarten through Post-Doctoral Education. Via a split-role Prop 13. Retire all student debt. The administrative overhead to manage student costs more than making tuition and related costs free.
  • ten: Economic justice for California’s teachers. Through Legislation creating a state bank to apply environmentally accountable, incentive-based investments in schools, student loans and local economies.
  • “Relocalizing central banks will stop their financial manipulation over our lives by breaking up the mega-banks to keep people in their houses, create local jobs and stop speculative wealth accumulation by the very few. “Bond dependent financing” only gives unjust enrichment to the already wealthy, taking from the bulk of taxpayers – needed resources out of the economy.
  •  A Public-owned state bank, partnered with local credit unions and local banks that don’t take bailouts and make themselves outrageous bonuses, would put resources back in the economy. The mission of the state bank is to apply environmentally accountable, incentive-based investments in schools, student loans and local economies.”
  • eleven: Balance the budget on time! By a split roll amendment to Proposition 13 for business property to be assessed on a ‘mark-to-market’ every ten years and a Green New Deal, scuttling the 2/3 requirement in favor of 60% required for budget passage, a smaller, manageable correctional system, and a relocalization of power from Sacramento to communities. Budgetary responsibility. Personal and Global Responsibility!

What are Lindblad’s legislative proposals to answer continuing economic collapse? The regressive tax policy must be changed as part of the initiatives to transition to a green jobs, renewable energy economy and to steer away from unregulated financial environments. Reduce inflationary spiral on lower income workforce by a phased elimination of state tax on wages and salary and sales tax compensated with a graduated tax rate on gross rents, gross business receipts and resource-based, carbon taxes. Financial institutions must be held responsible for their lending abuses.

  • Curb unsustainable speculative urban sprawl, gentrification, mansionification through tax incentives by replacing tax on building improvements with tax on land. By doing so, transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly, Mixed income, mixed-use, smart, in-fill community development based on net zero energy (generating on-site renewable power) – will help meet the mission of AB 32 – encouraged with certified renewable energy credits- such as feed-in-tariffs. Change tax policy to close developer loopholes to increase public coffers. Represent people and neighborhood interests by removing undue developer and corporate lobbyist influence over land-use planning decisions. Environmental Justice! Community-Based Economics! Future Focus/Sustainability!
  • twelve: New Mission Community College community-based campuses and expansion of curriculum into four-year, state university accreditation and status. 100,000 well-qualified students are shut out from the California University system. Social Justice! Personal and Global Responsibility! Feminism!

Seeing the political, social, ecological and economic collapses, I have known through my activist life, science has not led the public policy. I am compelled to advance the four pillars and other key values of the Green Party in the Legislature to put the science in front of the public policy, representing all my constituents, not greedy corporations feigning as human beings.

Live ten key values: four pillars in Green Parties worldwide: Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, Nonviolence, and six making three paired values in US Green Parties: (Decentralization, Community-Based Economics), (Feminism – post-patriarchal values, Respect for Diversity), (Personal and Global Responsibility, Future Focus/Sustainability). And add these supporting values to my campaign platform: Steady-state economy. Relocalization. 100% renewable energy economy. Net-zero-energy. No economic interest, under no circumstance, can be above the reverence of life. Principles before personalities. Green New Deal. Green Jobs. Accepts no corporate donations. Accepts donations only from human beings. The Elephant in the Room cannot be ignored in initiatives coming from the California Legislature – the inextricably entwined collapses of the world economy and collapses of ecological services forcing mass urban dislocations, plant and animal extinctions and, sooner than later – human extinction. How tax policy is structured will be the litmus test in successfully addressing the looming twin eco collapses. To avert looming extinction, government must face the direct link between the steep upward curve of unregulated financial profiteering and the equally steep curve of the uncontrolled rate of its component rapacious consumptive-driven, greed-caused resulting greenhouse gas emissions. Otherwise, the failed-growth economy-caused climate change spirals into complete planetary collapses of ecological services.

I believe that public policy needs to ‘listen to the science’ to build a sustainable economy made of relocalized (meaning to make local again) manufacturing clean energy industries – creating conditions so that small businesses can thrive.

Five relocalizations will help our regional and state economies become sustainable in energy, food, finance, water, and cottage industry material production. I will not stop fighting until every person in our District who needs a job can get one. My efforts to revitalize the Tujunga-Pacoima watershed will add thousands of living wage jobs and make up the current deficit of active and passive green open space while “lessening the dependency on State water by relocalizing our water resources to increase ground water absorption. Super Fund matching funds can be utilized to clean toxified plumes – especially from the area’s mainstay industry that produces hexavalent chromium waste and threatens to further contaminate our aquifer.”

I believe that we can tap on our unique mountain pass geography to focus burgeoning eco-tourism development to see our communities become portals to the forested wilderness of the upper watershed – for recreationalists and eco-tourists.

My advocacies for health-care patient rights as a squeaky wheel against yawning gaps in the efficacy of Big Insurance – puts the patient ahead the profit motive.

“A healthier watershed makes for healthier people. Strip mining and out-of-scale development are not tolerable. Social justice issues are inextricably tied to environmental justice and must be part of the environmental agenda. Health care costs can be lowered once people are not subject to worsening environmental quality.”

Huge budgetary savings are realizable from relocalization of resources and positive monetary assessment of urban forests intrinsic values such as reducing the rising temperature of the urban heat sink effect – will provide healthy outcomes and  sustainability to declining ecological services and to increasing state and local government insolvency – especially during this period of declining property values and assessments.

“Our world-class preeminence in education was based on the California Dream 40 years ago when education outspent prisons by at least 5 to 1. Over the past 40 years, California lost it’s world competitiveness in education, having a skilled workforce, and lost making demonstrable progress in climate change mitigation, adaptation and revitalization – by spending 7 to 1 on prisons over education, unintended abuse by corporate unjust enrichment of the original mission of Proposition 13 to keep low income and elderly in their homes, extending endless lobbyist self-enriching authoring, sponsoring, and writing of legislation that expands corporate loophole welfare, ‘independent’ campaign/non-profit abuse, and war profiteering- all drains on every state budget. Hardly a state budget is solvent.”

California’s education system must have zero-tolerance and no room for self-enriched administration fat-cats.

The pragmatic optimism of a green jobs economy is what California could have held today if decades ago we as a society pulled all stops and replaced the failed growth economy with a 100% renewable steady-state net-zero energy economy. Instead, we hold the dread of the reality of the 500-year drought, reacting with tardy measures. Locked-in, worsening effects of the drought could have been avoided.

Getting California’s population off the grid and on to a net-zero carbon, net-zero energy and zero ghg emissions in just three years, will provide the world a path to adapt to the inexorable rise in temperature. Any chance to limit the rise to a 2° C is slim to none. Try, we must, even if knowing a 1° C increase may very well not avoid ever worsening Extreme Weather. The planet has passed three tipping points. Mass extinction is here and we as a species have no way out of it. We are faced with no choice but to manage multiple collapses: social, economic, political, ecological. Relocalization is Key to Resilience, Sustainability and Survivability.

Three of Nine planetary wedges defining inhabitability have passed their tipping points runaway temperature rise, broken nitrogen cycle, and biodiversity loss. So endangered is our planet’s capability of life, we can refer to Earth aptly as eAArth, having become hostile to life, prematurely ending all life and humanity, in this the Sixth Great Extinction, of this, the Anthropogenic Era. Acting together, these three wedges past their capability to stabilize and recover, has ended Climate mitigation as a measure to maintain habitat.

Determining still resilient geographic pockets capable of Revitalization and Adaptation to the effects of Climate Change remains in humanity’s vanishing toolkit for survival. But in the face of ever worsening 500-year Drought making Western North America uninhabitable, relocating most California’s 38 million population is not an easy or simple task.

Worsening the 500-year drought is a Pacific Decadal Oscillation weather front made stationary over Western North America by 20 degree higher Arctic temperatures from escalating carbon emissions in turn causing a once singular Polar Vortex split into two and moving south, hovering over US eastern and central mid-sections, with devastating freezing below zero temperature. The split, now stationary polar vortex, caused the jet stream moving weather fronts through the West to slow and stop.

The Great Culling is all-encompassing and on track. No public policy to slow down Extreme Climate catastrophes is possible since three tipping points of planetary habitability are passed as other tipping points are approaching. Big Corporate Everything has ended life on this planet as we know it. We must act to adapt and revitalize regions capable of habitation millions of climate refugees this ongoing and worsening calamity is creating.

We need to immediately develop a hemp-based economy saving several times the water used by cotton crops. We must transform Big Agriculture’s unsustainable reliance on monoculture and gmo to permaculture for increasing soil and plant nutrients while reducing water demand. We will seize this opportunity presented by the demise of cattle farming to develop a sustaining vegen diet, light on ourselves and easy on the planet.

We have millions of gallons of water in our watersheds, especially here in the San Fernando Groundwater Basin and the Tujunga Pacoima watershed which is in my district. To the maximum extent possible we need to require LADWP, Counties and State clean up and detoxify groundwater via primary and tertiary treatments. With Aquifer remediation and infusion (treated water replenishment) on a massive scale, the City of Los Angeles would be provided with 20% of its current water supply.

An immediate ban must be placed on all existing and potential fracking to save up to 200 billion gallons of potable water. Significant increases must be made of pervious paving coupled to oil-burning vehicles being phased out, to replenish large increases of groundwater recharge areas, accelerated light rail development connecting all urban centers, high traffic arterials and freeways. Work to home commutes must be diminished with incentivizing live-work communities of mixed use adaptive reuse development.

Jack Lindblad Lindblad for Senate 2014 Independent (Green registered) Candidate for California State Senate 18th District. We will get 3000 District registered voter signatures to gain ballot status! Lindblad Architects Office Owner/Sole Practitioner, 1982 – present Lindblad for Assembly 2012 and 2010 and 2008 Independent (Green registered) Candidate for California Assembly 39th District. Achieved 22% of the vote in 2010, 8% in 2012 in a corrupt crowded field, 8.1% in 2008! Lindblad for Congress 1992 Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for US Congress 24th District, Achieved 5.4% of the vote! Lindblad for Assembly 1990 Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for California Assembly 43rd District, Achieved 4.5% of the vote!

Bragging rights:
Delivered Metro’s ongoing DEIR of Light Rail on Van Nuys Boulevard after Campaigning for Light Rail along Van Nuys Boulevard in my 2010 and 2012 electoral efforts!

My FDL | lindbladforassembly’s myFDL  profile 2012 – 2010 – 2008 Jack Lindblad for State Assembly 2012  


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