‪#‎LindbladForCityCouncil‬  ‪#‎500YearsFirstNationsResistance ‬  Fourth of July Message

#DivestOil #100pctRenewableEnergyEconomy #RevokeBigOilCharter
#GeneralStrike #WaterWars #500YearDrought #BayDeltaConservationPlan  #StopTwinTunnels

#Sovereignty was taken from the royalty in the US revolutionary war and given to the People until Corporations became People in the 1886 Southern Pacific RR vs Santa Clara County Supreme Court decision that was deceptively and falsely memorialized as being based on an unapplied argument that corporations are people rather than the property tax assessments were wrongfully made by Santa Clara County. Scotus found California, not the County had the authority to assess property tax. SPRR wound up paying zero.

The Founders Constitution memorialized a revolution against the King’s chartered corporations and rested the King’s sovereign with the People. Well certain people. Lincoln made a politically expedient decision to emancipate the slave class for cannon fodder to win an economic war with King cotton, with moral implications that was not lost with unintentional consequences producing the Womens Suffragette movement, Black, Latino, the Disabled, the First Nations Peoples and Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender liberations or revolutions. Only problem these revolutions were contained within a corporate sphere of control edging out the original Framers revolution against the King by the gilded age transforming the revolution of 1776 liberating a People to liberating Corporations in 1886, the date of the misinterpreted Southern Pacific Railroad vs Santa Clara County Supreme Court of the US decision siding with the Railroad corporation on the basis of a jurisdictional aegis judged to have belonged to California rather than Santa Clara County to assess property taxes on the Railroad fences, though an unapplied argument providing Constitutional rights given to humans. This unapplied argument, set forth by the appellant, Southern Pacific Railroad, was never tapped by the Court in its decision. The unused and misconstrued argument, used over the past 128 years to set unfounded deregulatory precedents, imbued Human rights found in the Constitution, to Corporations, to this time of completely unregulated corrupt, crony capitalism who control every People by writing Legislation determining public policy not based on science or humanity but for Corporate-fueled Republicans and Corporate-fueled Democrats to present a Punch and Judy show to a corporate dumbed down via mainstream media, made sick by Monsanto and made sicker by Militarisation of domestic control (police) and foreign control (policy), and the correctional system. We need a criminal justice system based on restorative justice not punitive justice. We need to put your candidate, a voice of humanity on Los Angeles’ City Council. Jack Lindblad
a shout out to: Carol A. Russell, Miep Rowan O’Brien

First published March 13, 2014 : https://www.facebook.com/walt.stawicki/posts/748470805177622

First published March 12, 2014 : https://www.facebook.com/lindbladforsenate2014/posts/10203653611323148


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