Crunch time! Check our expanded web presence! #VolunteersOfAmerica! #GetInvolved walk door-to-door, flyer to #GetOutTheVote

updated May 3, 2014
We added voter database outreach capabilities! Now we are producing targeted precinct walk lists to reach 5000 likely supporters and voters! We are on our path to place ourselves in the top two finishers in the June 3rd Election: Given you possess graphics savvy to bring it off to look professional: Download Flyers, Signs and Maps! Get Out the Vote Door-to-Door Knocks Rack card and Flyering!

We have added a companion site to facilitate precinct walk lists, voter outreach, volunteers signing on and folks making donations:

1) To sign on as a volunteer, you can outline your tasks and get connected with Get Out The Vote updates. Click on the Comments tab and tell us what you will help out with. We are asking for your weekends to go door-to-door to flyer likely supporters and voters. Sign on and Donate at:
Lindblad for Senate 2014 – Donate – Get Involved

2) For shopping in a relocalized economy, your merchant will send 6% of your purchase to our campaign. Click on the Donate button to donate money for printing walk lists, thousands of flyers and hundreds of yard signs! Visit, shop and Donate at:
Lindblad for Senate 2014 – Crowd funding – Donate

We are now assembling a 30 person team to Get Out The Vote GOTV every week-end with door-to-door knocks and handing out campaign literature as the next step in this election cycle. Jack’s opponent Bob Hertzberg has raised $560,000 from his corporate and law enforcement labor union backing. Let’s pour over his list of donors whom we know are the gangster bankster criminals controlling our state government with connections to La Familia Calderon.

We have raised so far, nearing $1800 and about the same amount in donations-in-kind so we need to focus on raising much more in small donations to cover expenses for printing campaign literature handouts, precinct walk lists and county voter lists and organizing a local team in these cities/neighborhoods. Jack will be as strong as his supporters. (You)

Our main resource site where you can always make a donation:
Cambio con Jack Lindblad for Senate 2014  



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