Key to Adapting to Habitat Mass Extinction is Divesting the Corporation

We observe the actual dimensions of the elite led descent of all of us of Mass Extinction, Collapse, and complete Habitat Annihilation now inexorably in our own feedback loop amplification allows no thing to survive.

We are realizing these factors many argue far later than the promise of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) can right this society of corporate sociopathic predators and dumbed down, made sick and made sucker rest of us.

David Suzuki illustrates the passing of an irreversible tipping point by likening our collapse as a society to logarithmic bacteria growth in a test tube overwhelming beyond a point previously thought possible to contain, stabilize or correct to a Gaia stasis carbon cycle.

My point again is we are compelled to stop corporate control over our lives and our society and replace our business model with cooperative and collective collaboratives. It’s about replacing false hopes pushed by greed, sociopathy, profiteering from corporate socializing losses with empathy, humanity and green values. Then, adaptation to impossibly hard scrabble and selective bioregional revitalization is tops on the to-do list. Vast stretches of most of the middle latitudes are to be like Venus to humanity, completely off limits. Agenda 21 is a human, non-corporate way-finding and we ought not allow that prescription be coopted by the tea party.


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