Near term revenue from Extinction Protocol profiteers. States to tap corporatist welfare cheats for social and healthcare costs.

Updated. Originally published here October 17, 2013:
Fast-food workers cost taxpayers nearly $7 billion in welfare costs
Short of a lapsed government mechanism used to protect the Common good by revoking charters of bloated, failed mission corporations, using negative financial expenditures can show corporate welfare cheats an exit from the marketplace.

Increasing the minimum wage to a living wage does not cover healthcare costs. Universal Single Payer Quality Affordable Healthcare for All. No one left out, All In! For the toxic GMO, processed salt auto-immune suppression disease, diabetes-causing profiteer McDonalds, their fast-food ilk and 7/11 are!

Big box, Wal-mart, fast food and convenience stores are moral hazards, profiteering by waging class war, privatizing gains while socializing losses. Generations of obese, heart disease and diabetes-prone patrons serve not their communities but serve as poster children for enslaved, dumb-downed, made sick and made sicker tools of an American exceptionalist, capitalist-based Extinction protocol ending life as we know it on this planet.

It’s far greater a chance closing down Wal-mart will help the economy rather than hurting it. All the employees let go would receive seed money to found cooperatives merchandizing products Wal-mart did. But only with healthcare and living wage this time.


Aluminum Chemtrail Blocks light frequency needed for Vitamin D production: chemtrails are just another Extinction protocol

Chronologically, it appears that we helped inspire this:

There’s no corporate welfare dependents here!


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