Authoring legislation, CEQA Public Comment led to Community Success Stories

Lindblad 2012-3 accomplishments

Lindblad 2012-3 accomplishments


City of Los Angeles Seal and North Hollywood Northeast Neighborhood Council logo

The test of whether four-in-a-row California Legislative candidate Jack Lindblad will nose out a rethuglican in June 3rd’s top two election to go on to November’s general election against a corrupt, greenwashing, outsourcing dem remains to be borne out. All indicators are this is to happen. There are just three of us on the June 3rd ballot.

Our Legislative Campaign points to community contributions and successes even before winning our 18th State Senate seat:

We celebrate ten years of progress in seeing positive changes to improve the business health with non-GMO branding in Panorama City, the UDAT’s Panorama City Commercial Area Revitalization Concept Plan, the first CDO with Q Conditions encouraging and memorializing business concerns and needs as Planning Code passed by City Council and signed by Mayor Hahn, recognized with awards for creating sustainable communities with developer criteria being transit-­oriented, mixed use and pedestrian­-friendly presaging Transit ­Oriented Development and Transit­Oriented Communities, inspiring the creation of SB 375 to hold developers accountable to meet our AB 32 2020 Climate mandate of 1/3 lowered carbon emissions compared to 1990 levels and a 1/3 renewable energy economy.

It’s my pleasure to report to all of you of my fourth City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council election victory and my first election as councilmember to North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council.

So my ballot designation for the June top two election for California’s 18th Senate district seat is Architect/Neighborhood Councilmember.

We must take immediate steps to adapt to more severe and more frequent Extreme Weather and revitalize assessed regions resilient enough for habitation – to insure a net zero carbon economy, permaculture, lowered water demand. We must relocalize water, energy, food, materials, finance to curb GHG and provide these five securities to survive any number of cataclysmic events. Certainly putting 12.7 miles of Light Rail from Ventura Boulevard to Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink/Amtrak Station linkage addresses local, regional unsustainable congestion and oil dependency.


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