About ‘liberals’ playing their class card: A harvard sort posed the question: “who the heck is the other guy?’ Thanks for asking.

The classist-ism is a false perception about me from my driving a “1987 car.” It’s true. For over twenty years, after purchasing my 1987 chevy sprint from a friend of mine, after he passed on from diabetes 14 years ago, it has been my passion to practice zen and the art of ‘a 35-mile-per-gallon car’ maintenance to set an appropriate behavior to others, in this, the Sixth Great Extinction, in this, the Anthropogenic Era of Big Oil seeing our demise as a species and society.

There is an eco-ethical mindfulness about maintaining a “1987 car” missing in those opting to perpetuate Big Oil and unsustainable consumerism with what model/year car 99% subscribe to. 1987 was the official year of Reagan’s regime ending all pretense of Johnson’s war on poverty and upward social mobility through hard work and further advanced degrees. That’s the result of tax cuts to the rich. Corporate welfare and class stratification. Wealth disparity not seen since the Pharaohs. All car manufacturing and operation are part of a long list of consumerist extinction protocols. To stop big auto and big oil, everyone stop buying new cars! Transit in masse or retrofit your existing car to electric. Or trade in for a used electric. Sustainable and resilient economies must divest everything oil now!

‘who the heck is the other guy?’ Thanks for asking.

We are on the ballot, this the fourth run for California Legislative Office in a row, and the sixth overall. Green Party of Los Angeles County endorsed our senate run. My republican opponent lost his Los Angeles neighborhood council seat bid. This augers well in our independent (no party preference) effort for placing ourselves in June 3rd’s top two election. We were credited with 22% of the electorate voting for us in 2010’s November election.

– Elected city of Los Angeles neighborhood councilmember public official in Arleta, Panorama City and appointed to Valley Glen. Pending to be elected to my fourth neighborhood council in Nprth Hollywood Northeast.

Like us at https://www.facebook.com/lindbladforsenate2014

Lindblad For Assembly 2012 Top-two Cambio Con Jack!
Candidate, California’s 39th Assembly District, Architect · August 2011 to July 2012
Green Party Nominee.
Of Greens in line to win partisan elected office after decades of building the wider constituent base driving that election – In our Heroic Working Class Communities – we are pitted against the democrat who dissuades anyone to run against him, who is under 24 indictments of voter fraud and perjury, or the equally corrupted chief Legislative aide to the ‘most corrupt Legislator in California’ now termed out – where our electoral effort is building on 2010’s 22% (in a one-on-one rematch against an incumbent, corrupt democrat – we tripled our 2008 8.1%). Jack Lindblad is a proven community leader who pledges, with a staff of community legislative deputies to “fight until every person in the district who needs a job can get one, recapture our position as a world-class public education system, and make our region sustainable: in water, energy and improving our air quality.”

Jack Lindblad for Assembly 2010
Candidate · 2009 to 2010
Green Party endorsed Candidate, California’s 39th Assembly District

Green Party Nominee. Campaign effort achieved 22% of the vote in 2010 against one opponent, the incumbent corrupt democrat, bestowed the honor of being termed ‘the worst legislator in California’ by a San Jose Mercury News expose about his beating out all other legislators in allowing lobbyists to author, write, sponsor his bills and testify before Committee, all of what legislators are paid to do.

That same incumbent opponent turned his back on Dream Act funding in his role as Appropriations Committee Chair, later refunding it. Fernando Espuelas supported and endorsed me on his 1020AM Univision drive-time Arbitron highest rated Radio Espuelas.

Lindblad for California Assembly 2008
Candidate · 2007 to 2008
Green Party endorsed Candidate, California’s 39th Assembly District. Green Party Nominee. 2008 Campaign effort yielded 8.1% of the vote against an incumbent democrat and one republican.

Lindblad for Congress 1992
Candidate · North Hollywood, California · 1991 to 1992
Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for US Congress 24th District, Achieved 5.4% of the vote!

Lindblad for Assembly 1990
Candidate · Sherman Oaks, California · 1989 to 1990
Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for California Assembly 43rd District, Achieved 4.5% of the vote!

Having demonstrated against Nixon’s expansion of the criminal war in Vietnam into Cambodia in 1972 and having worked on Paolo Soleri’s arcology prototype Arcosanti in 1973 and 1974, while working on my Bachelor of Environmental Design at the University of Washington has carried my work in my chosen profession of practicing architecture + ecology +urban planning into activism for social, economic and environmental justice. Borne of becoming expert in these disciplines, my realization emerged of human society’s dire need to transform behaviorally as a species with frugality, elegance, humanity and compassion 50 to 100 years ago to avoid today’s worsening environmental collapse, of this, the Sixth Great Extinction of this, the Anthropogenic Era, to survive as a civilization.

By the fraction of 1% of humans who control the 99% of us, their corporate governance has violently refused to cede their profiteering, monetizing and control of our lives to a resilient and sustainable steady-state 100% renewable energy economy, so our toolkit has been narrowed from climate mitigation to adaptation and ever-vanishing regions capable of revitalization. We find ourselves now in the midst of an inexorable climate warming unseen for 60 million years that has a locked-in shredding of societal frameworks such as the broken governance and the loss of democracy we experience today.


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