Whats missing in this partial, fractured perception of a ‘centers’ concept to allow Los Angeles role to help meet Californias 2020 Climate Mandate

Portraying only one (pedestrian-friendly) of three requirements (the other two being transit-oriented – triggered by Light Rail and mixed-use) for smart growth to meet our 2020 California Climate Law mandate to reduce carbon emissions to 1990 levels and achieve at least a 1/3 renewable energy economy is deceptive, a sell-out to speculative real estate development, and reflects a failed model of ‘business-as-usual.’

Brooklyn is unaffordable to most people thanks to Bloomberg’s gentrification policy. Higher rents drives businesses, residents, and customers away – resulting from form over use-based zoning promoting gentrification that only line the pockets of the entrenched political class of electeds and their various bureaucratic departments and agencies.


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