Campaign weather this winter forecast above average in rainfall and above to normal temperatures

Campaign weather forecast

NOVEMBER IN FULL DROUGHT AS DRY WEATHER CONTINUES, RELIEF IN SIGHT WITH STORM WINDOW? November 9, 2013 The long range advisory remains in effect as the Pacific is starting to show signs of opening up, as previously stated. 111013aA long range advisory was issued here to notify that our dry spell will show signs of storm development in the Pacific Ocean by mid-month. We are almost to that point. The long range advisory means that developments west of here would start showing their signs for storms to hit before this month is over. We have seen an extremely dry period for Fall, which bodes well for the coming season. Usually during these teleconnection phases a drier Fall would end up with a stormier winter season. We are still in November and the official forecast on this website calls for December to start showing the storms, with January and February being the deluge months. This still is in play. When is our next storm? Our next storm will be when this northwest flow buckles, owning to a system moving in from the Pacific. This will happen between mid to mid-end month. Trends are continuing to be monitored daily here at the Southern California Weather Authority so stay tuned. To get alerts from us, also remember you can freely sign-up to the e-mail alert system, which fits your micro-climate zone when you enter the member’s section –


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