Bid for California State Senate Seat Announcement Approaching

A potential but winning run for State Senate in my fourth consecutive run for State Legislative office is in the offing. Corrupt nepotic elected political elite flipped all of my General Election vote tallies but did not expect my Radio Personality Fernando Espuelas Endorsement almost letting me win in 2010. Punditry in Sacramento were and are very afraid. 2014!

Hertzberg is thrilled to be endorsed by failure. A failed governor. Hertzberg exudes failure.

With failed governor Grey Davis endorsing triple failure Robert Hertzberg, failing his solar-firm enterprising, exporting jobs to China, failing his law firm career, and failing his marriage, we are seeing a four-dimensional failure want to represent our 18th State Senate District. We must and will not allow that plight fall to our 18th  District constituents.

End tax breaks for corporations (like Hertzbergs) that ship jobs overseas!

Join Al Franken and myself to end Hertzberg’s political career before he buys himself his ticket to do more damage as State Senator to jobs for those of us at home, worsening the quality of life from his gentrification oriented crony developers, and continuing to eviscerate public education.


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