Is there a chance mental health spending cutbacks are criminal? My challenge is to those declared candidates for State Senate District 18 to take a psychiatric exam to see if they are sociopath or psychopath.

Your garden variety (with apologies to all real gardens) four striped rethuglican and democrat phenotypes (‘Conservative’ old guard, Libertarian, Rands aka Paul aka Ayn Tea Partists,  Big Money Social Moderates and Neo-liberals) want to shred the social safety net and slash funding revitalizing and rewilding paved-over urban centers toxic watersheds presenting moral hazards from climate stressing. Spending, in the world of neo-liberals, on relocating and resettling climate refugees from the moral hazard presented by Extreme Weather and rising sea levels at coastal regions must stop while welfare is extended corporatist Big Oil, chartered education, Big Pharma, Big Food, GMOs, Nuclear industry and Big Business – especially self-enriching your own business huh? Revitalizing watersheds begins with fully funded Light Rail to lessen the extent of paved-over areas.

Profiteering Extinctionists running for office for their lobbyists to write the Legislation.

How do your ‘favorite’ politicians act? Here are some common traits of psychopaths. Obama DEFINITELY fits –

“No Remorse (low empathy individuals)
(lacks conscience—shows no genuine guilt for their actions)

Invoking Pity in Others to Manipulate and Control
(sob stories of past sexual/other abuse—claims nearly all their ex’s are insane/alcoholics)

Mysterious Pasts/Vague Personal Histories
(life story never seems to make sense—contradictory pasts—missing periods in their lives)

Invented Personas
(an actor who’ll play the role ‘you’ require from them—until they change the performance/role as they learn a new script)”

Putting Politicians and Bankers to ‘The Psychopath Test’


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