welcome endangered alternative party of my 1990 and 1992 Campaign runs for 43rd Assembly and 24th Congressional, respectively! To the implosion of dems following the rethug ongoing implosion

It isn’t any surprise the Extinction protocols of the duopoly stoop so low. Taking the lowest, basest, most nepotic, crony, corrupt road. My announcement about my Green but Very Independent Vox la Raza candidacy for the June to November 2013 ticket is boarding soon. Stay tuned!

Registered Green and fiercely a pragmatic Independent, We will represent the burgeoning electorate of NPP is like Bernie Sanders – being the voice of the Struggle in a vast wasteland of corporatist Extinction protocol weaned duopolists. Once seated, my office will establish common ground between rethugs and dems and if it passes the smell test, be the tipping point on adapting habitat to a runaway Extreme weather and temperature rise as eAArth inexorably convulses with uninhabitability over the majority of present human settlement -while making an ‘oxymoronic’ Green Jobs New Deal economy.


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