Some Religiosity takes twin eco collapse serious – but artfully with humor!

Five years fast forward to today without profound policy changes has predestined Extinction to a 99.9% certainty due within a handful of generations. But still, Reverend Talen takes a page from my ongoing Campaign stance from 2008:

The Elephant in the Room cannot be ignored in initiatives coming from the California Legislature – the inextricably entwined collapses of the world economy and collapses of ecological services forcing mass urban dislocations, plant and animal extinctions and, sooner than later – human extinction. How tax policy is structured will be the litmus test in successfully addressing the looming twin eco collapses. To avert looming extinction, government must face the direct link between the steep upward curve of unregulated financial profiteering and the equally steep curve of the uncontrolled rate of its component rapacious consumptive-driven, greed-caused resulting greenhouse gas emissions. Otherwise, the failed-growth economy-caused climate change spirals into complete planetary collapses of ecological services.


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