Our policy statement prompted by 2013 Colorado mega-flooding

Colorado 20,000 Fracking Sites Flooded Oil And Gas Lines Ruptured! Stop Fracking Now!

At least 350 people still missing in Colorado flooding; five dead

Colorado’s Flooding Becomes A 1,000 Year Event As Rescuers Search For 500 Missing People

This Disaster Capitalism Extreme Weather event shows misapplied spending to profiteering from healthcare, bloated government mis-prioritization, black ops military stealth hidden budgeting, and amerikkkan exceptionalism foreign policy of megadeath bristling pitchfork militarist non-‘defense’ spending – together robbing hundred of Trillions worthless us dollars from infrastructure (groundwater to aquifer recharge, small debris and water reservoirs) and the Five Securities spending: Relocalized Food, Water, Financial, Energy, and Material production/3d printing to have in place a steady-state, net zero energy green jobs economy through revitalization of ecological services such as inhabitable watersheds in the midst of being in the Sixth Great Extinction, of this, the Anthropogenic Era, where given the rapidly narrowing habitat choices this, our only eAArth, is now offering moving forward, humanity, in its Extinction protocols having spiraled into our only home planet at present into runaway greenhouse gas warming with three of seven planetary wedges of habitation past any tipping point of resuming balance: global warming, nitrogen cycle and bio-diversity loss – has left humanity with two of three courses of action – Adaption and Revitalization – shucking Mitigation. Vast once habitable regions, being made uninhabitable by a ever expanding iso-tropic lines, cannot be mitigated any longer. There is not enough infrastructure spending to do it. Vast latitudes of once being habitable must now be abandoned.


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