Communities Five Securities survives EMP and Extinction protocols enslaving humanity by profiteering from Ending life as we know it

Resilience and Sustainable begins with Relocalization of Water, Electricity, Finance, Food, and Material Production. As my announcement date inches closer:

Future of material production in our neighborhoods and communities means far less reliance on carbon-energy-intensive transport and shipping costs. Unsustainable supply chains will be no longer necessary for locally-based economies.

‘What you can learn @UrbanTechFair – How 3D Printers are creating a world of opportunity 4 U…Talk about a Business In-A-Box!!!

3D Printers are becoming so prolific that you can now find them in Your OWN Backyard…Try looking in your local library or Staples store

To learn more and support, volunteer, or donate to our cause…see

‘The 3D printing revolution has ushered in a new era of customization. Human bones, fuel-efficient car parts, and even burritos now take only a few hours to produce through this innovative printing process. As you read this, engineers are using 3D printing technology to experiment with commercial airplane design, doctors are whizzing out organs, and NASA is testing 3D printers that are destined to land on Mars.

Proposed step to help society prepare for a solar storm disaster

We would like space weather users, operators of systems, and policy makers adopt this event immediately and do war game scenarios with it.

The event took place on July 23, 2012. It started with a giant storm that erupted on the sun, blasting material into space. Researchers clocked this coronal mass ejection, or CME – a giant bubble of gas and magnetic fields, containing some billion tons of charged solar particles – as traveling between 1,800 and 2,200 miles per second (about 3,000 km per second). It was one of the fastest CMEs on record, and the traveling cloud of solar particles narrowly missed Earth.


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